Solutions in Smoke and Alarm Detection.

Fire and smoke detection and alarm systems

If you are concerned whether or not you comply with local code requirements you should know that Norma Official Mexicana 002 requires that your business has a detection and alarm system in Mexico.

Almost every insurance company or corporate property risk company will require, as a minimum, that you have a detection and alarm system. In the event of a fire, the F Tech detection system will alert you and your personnel in an effort to prevent loss to your product and personnel.

Fire and smoke detection consultation

You can depend on F Tech to consult with you, your insurance company, and your corporate risk department in order to implement a system that complies with the proper industry standards; insuring that your property and personnel are properly protected.

Placing your trust and confidence in F Tech’s years of experience, you will receive information on all of our top of the line models and brands in detection and alarm systems. In addition, F Tech is an authorized distributor of the best fire and smoke detection and alarm brands in the fire protection industry –

This includes:

  • Gamewell/Honeywell
    And many more…