Design Service

A reliable and timely design

An effective and dependable design means your fire production and security project will be completed without delay and in the time-frame required.

You are provided with a 3D graphics model of your building and systems, which allows you to see your entire system in full-detail and helps to prevent misunderstandings in the construction phase of your project. You are also assured that the list of materials is complete and helps prevent costly over-runs of materials, which in the end saves you money.

  • Providing you with AutoSPRINK Technology
  • You are provided with a Professional Design Presentation with the latest in computer design
  • Fully-trained design team ensures the quality of design work
  • Increase the chances of a successful installation
  • Agile and reliable response to changes in scope
  • Detailed 3D design available for future engineering jobs
  • Integrated hydraulic simulation, in case of modifications and/or extensions to the System
  • Detailed platform for planning inspection and maintenance
  • Complies with the NFPA
  • BIM Building Information Modeling y Revit Design

You will be given a view of your complete project through a complete 3D model, not only will you get the design, but also a 3D model that is a scale replica.

The F Tech design team is made up of professionals, who are continuously trained and certified with knowledge of NFPA and FM standards. The designers are responsible and innovative, providing the necessary attention for the completion of your project in an efficient and timely manner.

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