Maintenance Service

Maintenance professionals to fix problems quickly

With  F Tech you are working with a fully equipped team of professional technicians who can respond effectively as each technician has there own car and computer, a handheld minicomputer and the latest equipment to diagnose and resolve the situation, ensuring that your problems are quickly fixed.

Working with F Tech you are guaranteed peace of mind with our national coverage and response service from qualified engineers.  They are able to respond to your needs from Tijuana all the way to Cancun.

Maintenance completed to National Standards

You can be assured working with F Tech that the rules of the National Fire Protection Association NFPA-20 (Installation of pumps), NFPA-25 (Maintenance pumps, hydrants, and fire systems) and NFPA-72 (Installation and maintenance of equipment, detection and alarm systems and fire alarm), as well as the Mexican norms NOM-002-STPS-2010 and Civil Protection, are compiled.

F Tech was one of the first companies to implement the use of “” (building and equipment inspection system for fire detection and security systems according to the NFPA codes) by scanning bar codes and electronic forms in a Palm (PDA) and uploading the reports to the internet. We are still one of the only ones in Latin America with this type of system.

Timely reporting ensures you can act effectively

F Tech personnel are able to respond quickly, with effectiveness and provide you access to the reports with our web-based reports that can be accessed almost immediately.

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