Water Fire Protection

You are provided with the best in fire protection systems

F Tech’s 14+ years in the Fire Protection Industry is your guarantee of an experienced and professional company; ready for the challenge of providing your increasing fire protection needs.

F Tech will consult with you directly: as an authorized distributor of the most qualified and trusted brands worldwide, as well as one of the best design departments in the industry, our goal is to provide systems that are professional and follow proper NFPA standards. Some of the products and services offered for your fire protection system are:

Water Tanks

Your Fire Protection water tank will be United Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) approved helping guarantee the quality of your tank system.  All fire protection water tanks are bolted and calculated to supply your water needs for the sprinkler and hydrant systems and seismically designed should your facility be located in a seismic area.

Water Pumps

Protect your facility – Your fire protection water pump is the heart of the fire protection system, and we guarantee that your fire protection water pump will be in condition to operate automatically and supply the required water for the system. If you are like most in Mexico, your fire protection water pump will be your only water supply and must be reliable and start automatically.

Underground Piping (Loop System)

Your fire protection water tank and fire protection water pumps will be obsolete if you do not provide an adequately sized and calculated underground piping system which supplies the sprinkler and hydrant system.

Water Hydrants and Hose Systems

Your properly designed and sized fire protection hydrants and fire protection hose systems are your main line of defense should your automatic fire protection sprinkler system not operate properly and will enable high water flows inside and outside your building (s) for manual fire fighting.

Sprinkler Systems

Your insurance company and/or your corporate risk department will most likely require automatic sprinkler systems and you will want to insure that your automatic sprinkler systems are properly designed to meet international codes such as Factory Mutual (FM) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and designed to your properties fire protection hazards.

This can include:

• Wet fire protection sprinkler systems

• Dry fire protection sprinkler systems

• Deluge fire protection sprinkler systems

• Pre-action fire protection sprinkler systems (Single and Double interlock)

• Foam fire protection sprinkler systems

• Water mist fire protection sprinkler systems