Fire protection

Fire protection consulting

You need expert advice on fire protection, loss prevention and safety. Therefore F Tech consultants are highly qualified to provide professional advice.

In other words, the F Tech team has the necessary resources to provide advice tailored to your needs and standards.

In addition, all our consultants have access to 3D designs, integrated web-based reporting service and full access to a complete line of UL and FM approved products direct from the manufacturers.

In conclusion, work with a company that is managed with international standards and the added experience of the team that will accompany you from start to finish, therefore everything will be done through the advice of experts in fire protection. 

In the meantime, learn more about our fire protection system design and installation service.



What is fire protection systems consulting?

Systemic study in which the risks to which the population and its assets are exposed are analyzed.

Carried out through the advice of fire protection experts.

  • Location of the property
  • Description of the property
  • Risks - Disruptive agents
  • Internal and external risks
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Vulnerability to disturbing phenomena
  • Determination of risk areas in the property
  • Determination of lower risk areas in the property
  • Design of evacuation routes
  • Drawings indicating fire equipment distribution by levels.
  • General evaluation and diagnosis

The main regulations applicable to fire life safety should be determined, also indicating other international reference documents to be used as well as best practices, thus optimizing operation and performance, including cost savings(NFPA and FM GLOBAL, recommended by insurance companies).

    The objective of the fire safety strategy will be to achieve the required/desired safety levels, considering the architectural characteristics of the project. The main objectives will be the protection of life and property, as well as the continuity of operations in the commercial areas.


    Fire resistance of structures

    Evacuation of occupants

    Fire protection systems

    • Validate the designs of the routes and location of the exits of a project adjusted to regulations, being able to justify the goodness of the design or identify deficiencies for the final operation of the building that cannot be foreseen in a constructive design.
    • To know the evacuation times of the building, or of certain areas, floors or zones of the building.
    • Visualize the evacuation of buildings that cannot be evacuated under normal occupancy conditions.
    • Detect conflictive points where crowding occurs.
    • Help to define the valid strategy within the Civil Protection Plan of the building.
    • Simulate evacuation under various assumptions, both occupancy and exit blockage hypotheses.
    • Adapt the programming of the fire alarm messages from the fire alarm control panel to the actual use of the building
    • To propose a design that improves the evacuation times of the building, making it a safer place for its occupants and at the same time in accordance and coherent with the architectural design of the building, whose main objectives are to reduce evacuation times by optimizing:
    • The design of evacuation routes
    • The location and widths of the outlets
    • Improving the flow in crowded areas




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