inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems


Fire protection systems

Fire system maintenance policy

Our service is reliable and under the most recent standards for inspection, testing and maintenance procedures for fire and security systems.

Our staff is trained under the latest standards to perform the services. We also have a quality control that reviews the development and results, no doubt it will give you the confidence and security you require.

In addition, F Tech is a company with presence throughout the country so we can provide our fire systems services in major cities such as: Tijuana, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Mexico City, Mexico State, Ciudad Juarez, Puebla, Leon, Guanajuato, Cancun, in this way we can ensure an optimized route to lower costs and be closer to you. 


Building Reports Software

Monitor the status of your systems.

Reports are kept at your fingertips and can be reviewed from anywhere at any time through the platform. Building Reports.


In order to measure the real performance of our services, we have a Quality area, which is in charge of checking that the maintenance works are in accordance with the established standards such as the ones of NFPAThe report development is also supervised to ensure that the report development is structured.

Fire protection systems
Fire protection systems

We perform the validation and correct execution of inspection, testing and maintenance services for fire protection systems.

We verify that these are carried out in a timely manner in compliance with the applicable NFPA, FM and NOM regulations.

This allows us to provide an efficient and safe maintenance service for fire protection systems, resulting in peace of mind for our customers.

That is why we have a team throughout the country to reduce costs and allow us to cover the needs of inspection, testing and maintenance by professionals.


Fire protection systems

Corrective Services

The maintenance corrective is to perform repairs to damaged system components.

By providing a correct maintenance preventive reduce the probability of a corrective.

  • Correct ground faults
  • Replacement of damaged alarm and detection devices
  • Leak repair
  • Control panel fault diagnosis
  • Repair of fire pumps
  • Repair of fire engines (diesel and electric)
  • Efficiency tests
  • Validation of installed systems


Are you interested in renewing your maintenance policy?

Our personnel are strategically located throughout the country to meet your maintenance needs, thus reducing costs in your scheduled services. 


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Fire protection systems
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